Saturday, December 17, 2011


 W E ~L O V E~ O U R ~T E A C H E R S

Crafty teacher gift idea.

  • jute (Jo ann's)
  • 12 inch cardboard letters (found at Jo ann's)  $5.99 each
  • fabric
  • hot glue
  • ribbon
  • fray check
  • ice for the hot glue gun burns....ouch!

I made one for each of my kids teachers.

~~~~~Finished product~~~~

Mrs. M

Mrs. T

Mrs. H

Every letter will need to be wrapped with jute.  It goes like this: wrap, glue repeat...wrap, glue repeat. This is a very time consuming a tedious process (easy, but takes a while).  I worked for several days.  I had to put it down and come back to finish.  My friend Kori said her mom made jute wrapped vases back in the day, so I guess this isn't exactly a  new idea.   Embellish your letter with whatever you want.  A easier and faster idea would be to spray paint your letters, maybe next year. 

Oh well, so much for next year!  Here is a bronze painted letter wiped with taupe paint with hand-made paper stars wiped with ink.  
Folded paper stars

 Merry Christmas!  

next:  80 year old couch
 upholstery craigslist find~ $20
5 hammer job is my guess...yikes!

Friday, December 16, 2011

L A M P Project

                                                                 L   A   M   P
Nurse Humor

Blue Magic Polish

A recent lamp redo was fired by my obsession with Pinterest.  The lamp motivator ended up being a FAIL.  I bought blue magic cleaner online to turn an old brass lamp into a chrome beauty.  In order for you to be able to rub the brass off it has to be plated, not solid.  dang!  The idea is that you take a wool pad, dip it into the blue magic, use LOTS of elbow grease and it turns into a beautiful chrome lamp.  

Krylon looking glass spray paint

Another fail!  The paint costs $11.99 at Hobby Lobby.  I did use my 40% off coupon, making the purchase a little less painful.  The paint went on just like the metallic silver paint, that is half the price.  Maybe I didn't add enough coats, but after 4 I decided to quit.  
This is what I wanted.

Lamp on the left $1.99/ Lamp on the right $9.99 at the local thrift store.

This is after some serious polishing, solid brass.


I ended up with a pewter look after using the metallic paint and wiping it with a rag dipped in bronze spray paint.  
I'm still trying to find a shade big enough to fit the other lamp.  Going to try and find one at the thrift store and cover it in fabric.  Lamp shades are difficult to find used since they are so fragile.  Wish me luck.  I will post the end product.

No before pics, but here is my chandelier redo.
  • Ugly brass fixture, $7.00 at the thrift store. 
  •  Package of crystals in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby 50% off at $5.00.
  • Spray Painted bronze, wiped silver.
  • Added a glass bead garland.
  • Red to Red, Black to Black and copper to copper.

Months later I have added a drum shade that softened the light considerably.  A few snips and it fit onto the chandelier great!  Love it!
So much better than what we had before!

Next up:  completely crafty teacher gift

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Baby Shower 

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !

Craft Ideas for your next baby shower.
Banners, Poms, Pinwheels and Mobiles

These are not intended for over the crib.  Would be a perfect accent piece for the baby room, maybe over the changing table (some place where you don't leave your baby unattended).  

Supplies needed 
  1. round hoop (wire, wood...anything round)
  2. felt pieces (cut or pre-cut in packages at the craft store)
  3. pom pom balls
  4. clear thread or fishing line
  5. ribbon
  6. fabric to wrap your hoop
  7. hot glue gun
  8. fray check
How to:
  • Wrap your hoop with 1 inch torn fabric.  Continue wrapping until the entire hoop is covered.
  • Thread a needle with your clear thread.  Sew into the balls, felt pieces until secure.  Leave enough thread on the end to tie on the hoop after all is threaded and secure.  
  • Attach all threaded embellished threads to hoop.  
  • Tie ribbons and seal ends with Fray Check (so they don't unravel)
I picked colors that coordinated with the baby bedding.  Unique, adorable gift.  

Supplies: fabric, trim and a sewing machine
Pom easy!  Hang from the ceiling with clear thread.  They look like they are floating.  Easy instructions on You Tube.  
Follow the link for easy instructions: 


Next project:  Lamps

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