Friday, January 23, 2015

Kitchen cabinet facelift ~ Oak to Paint

I painted my oak cabinets!

Oh painted over wood?  Yep, I sure did.  Yes I understand it will be the biggest pain ever if I decide I want real wood back (I mean...I might just move before I strip kitchen cabinets).  

My inspiration:  My grad school graduation present from my mom.
I love this chandelier!

Lowes: $250.00

I love the after!   I painted them with floor and porch enamel from Sherwin Williams.  

Before, we were all oaked out!

I sanded all my cabinets before painting and sealed them with a satin poly.

Painted the ceiling two shades lighter than the cabinets, although it looks like the same color here.

         and it took 2 gallons...ughhhhh!

 Going with glass knobs and pulls

Now all I need to do is replace my countertops and change the backsplash, cha ching $$$$$

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