Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Goodbye ugly peach cabinets! Another Kitchen redo

Painted kitchen 

here we go again....

Paint color: Porpoise Sherwin Williams

Said goodbye to the ole trusty, our 20 year old microwave/oven.  I pulled a cabinet from my laundry room and added a butcher block.  We use that prep area more than any in our kitchen.  What a change since we move into this house. 

I made an open cabinet by taking off the doors and staining the shelves to look like wood.  I'm still on the fence with the tile.  I don't love it and I don't hate it.  I feel like this tile is much more suited for a bathroom, not a kitchen.  I have a hard time not constantly looking at decor and redoing it in my head.  I keep redoing this tile in my head.  If it wasn't so costly and so much work (glass tile is a pain) then I might consider ripping it out and starting over. 

My last update will be the built in appliances.  The 20 year old microwave just bit the dust!

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