Tuesday, May 1, 2012

B I G girl room

________________________________ BIG-girl ROOM 

My inspiration for this project came from my crazy obsession with Pinterest.  I found a bed on Pinterest that I absolutely loved.  So began the hunt on our local craigslist for the perfect bedroom set that somewhat resembled the look.  

This project includes:  
  • wall stenciling
  • chalk painting
  • headboard tufting

First things first...find the furniture!

I bought the bedroom set including the tall dresser, bed, side table and desk for $250 off our local Craigslist
I purchased the chair at a local thrift store for $35.  A little more than I wanted to spend, but it was in perfect condition.

A little history:  The bedroom set was originally used by the owners of Chandler's bakery in North Kansas City, I would guess in the early 20's.  Beautiful set!  Any antique dealer is going to cringe with what I have done to this set.  Paint...paint...paint...

Guess I forgot to take a pic of the desk before the painting began.


Chalk Paint~make it..don't buy it!

Chalk paint gives you a dull finish, but allows for the perfect shabby antiqued look. Also...NO SANDING!!!  Not to be confused with Chalk-board paint, completely different paint and concept.

You can buy already mixed chalk paint, but it is REALLY expensive, not to mention the cost of shipping.

I purchased the calcium carbonate on-line for $3.95

Satin paint~bucket to mix~calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate acts as a bleaching agent, so keep that in mind when you are choosing colors and mixing.


My garage is always a mess with projects galore.  This one took the prize for now you really can't park in here!

Notice the 2 year old, probably with a can of paint and paintbrush in hand.

Tufted Headboard

I purchased peg board, layer it over the top of the headboard and free-handed the outline with sharpie.  

  • peg board~cut with jigsaw

  • space out button holes evenly and circle with sharpie
Buttons are used to pull thread through and tie to hold fabric colored buttons on the fabric side.
  • trace foam to fit on top peg board and cut with knife

  • place a lot of poly fill on top board

  • place fabric on polyfill 

  • Pull fabric and staple in place. Yes, you can staple peg board...SCORE!
  • Cover buttons with fabric ( you can buy these kits at any craft store).  Really easy to do!

  • Use upholstery thread, double thread.  Thread fabric colored buttons, pull and push buttons at the same time.  Use random buttons seen above to secure tie in place.  Tie off thread while fabric buttons are being pushed in (my hubby helped with this very tedious process).

Fits perfect..now the paint!

I used heavy duty velcro to attach the tufted piece to the headboard so I wouldn't ruin the integrity of the wood.  The heavy duty from Home Depot is a must since the craft store variety is just not strong enough.

Time to Paint~Chalk Paint

 After one coat..took about 4-5


After painting all of the furniture (many times) I sanded the edges and applied a bees wax.

~Chic new room~

Her room was previously the nursery faux painted a couple years ago.  I should take a picture of all the paint cans I have in my garage...it's really embarrassing.




Louis XIV meets Elvis
~ zebra stenciling, zebra bedding, glitter walls, gold leafing~

I added a set of three mirrors over the bed and the turquoise wall is mixed with glitter, just enough to glimmer in the light.

zebra stencil purchased off ebay, but later found at the local craft store
~Gold craft paint over a pale blue~


This is one of my favorites

Thrift store frame $1.99
scrapbook paper
Free fabric sample from the fabric store cut into a "E"

Until the next project........

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