Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gel Stain-fireplace redo

Honey....we need to get rid of the Honey!


Our house was built in 2001, when honey oak was headed out the door.  I have always envisioned painting or staining the oak and we have a lot of it. It usually takes about 20-30 years for trends to roll back around, so I think its safe to say, the honey oak can go.

This process was so easy!  I stained a bathroom cabinet about a year ago with gel stain and it took the beating from my kids.  I guess that's what I was waiting for, to see if in fact the stain would hold up to our family and most of all, the 3 year old.

NO sanding required!  Just brush it on.  

Minwax has a variety of gel stain colors.  I used mahogany for that old world feel.  

Part of the fireplace transformation included popping off the old tile and replacing with slate.  You will need a tile cutter and a good friend for this project.  My friend Sarah came over and helped with the tile removal and replacement. One day project.



  ~Would say this was a photo bomb, but I think it requires a little effort~

Look at the difference! 

*I bought the slate tiles at Lowes.  Pretty cheap and they come in sections, so easy to install. 

I'm also in the process of staining the hand rails for the stairs.



Next project....the kitchen!  

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