Thursday, July 25, 2013

~B U F F E favorite FREE stencil

This is your typical ugly dresser/buffet
Thrift store buy~ $49.99

Painted with "aquarium" blue from sherwin williams.  Sanded the top and painted with my fav. free stencil from: The Jones Design Company

I used scrapbook paper and modgepodged the outside of the drawers.

Fantastic glass knobs from hobby lobby.

This pic shows the scrap paper on the front of the drawers.

I traced the stencil, then traced the pencil lines with paint.  I then applied a gel stain mahogany, let it set for 8 min. then wiped it off.  

Winter decor

Birthday party fun!

Monday, July 1, 2013



My husband says I need to get back in school.  I have the summer off from grad school and the projects just keep coming.  Since May I have replaced all the flooring in our upstairs with hardwood (blog later), finished some furniture and rehabbed by master bath. This may sounds like a lot of work to some, but this is truly my R&R....not school!

I always get started on something and forget to take good before pics.  I had already sanded the top.  Paid $20 for this piece at a garage sale.

Look really close.  I drew the flower on top with a pencil.  My inspiration was a plug-in from Bath and Body.

I painted stain on top of the wood after sanding it down.  Love the look and wish the end product would have been as bold.

 love this look

Next time I will try a different type of stain to keep the dark, bold look.  


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