Thursday, November 20, 2014


 My new fav. love!  These are awesome! 

Now...who wants to hire me to do some chalk art???

*Asked a lady at Starbucks who was working on one of the signs what she was using...and she showed me the chalk markers.    

You can order these off

You have to shake and push down about 100 times to get the chalk ink out and then you are good to go!

Christmas Craft

Miniature Trees and Miniature Deer Christmas Clips

Shopping List
  1. Clothes pins
  2. Miniature deer - $1.99 for pkg of 5 at Hobby Lobby
  3. Miniature Trees- $1.99 for pkg of 4 at Hobby Lobby
  4. Glitter tape
  5. Hot glue

Can be clipped on top of your gifts or on your tree.  These are So Cute!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cabinet Rehab

Wood you paint it?

I love the look of all these beautiful white kitchens, but have a hard time committing color to my oak cabinets.  I know this is silly, but if any of you have ever stripped paint off wood, you totally understand.  I have yet to finish the entire kitchen because as my husband stated, once it's painted I know where this is headed...#newcountertops!  Love him, he knows me so well.  

*it all started with this lovely desk from the thrift store- $35
inspiration piece

I had an ugly built in and can't find the pic of it, but trust me, it was ugly and not functional. I tried to put a buffet there and all it did was collect all the junk I could put in some drawers ;-)



Lightly sanded the all of the desk except the top and that I completely sanded and stained.  Kept the original hardware...because GOLD/Brass is back baby!

simple ways to update the bathroom

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