Friday, July 4, 2014

3D Mascara LOVE!!!

Uh-mazing mascara review!

In one of my bouts of "I need a creative outlet", I happened up this AMAZING mascara.

Check this stuff out!  

These are my eyes!  I am blonde.  Have very little lash and have

Also a pic of ME and my lashes!
always wanted a full, longer lash.  In fact last year when the hubs and I went to Mexico I tried falsies and ended up throwing them in the trash.

This mascara is simply AMAZING!  

The process is an easy 2-step.

1. brush with gel (provided in kit), much like the mascara we are use to using.

2. brush with 3-D fiber wand and repeat for fuller longer lashes.

Easy and I am never going back to my ol stand by.

Younique is the seller of this mascara.  The price is $29 plus shipping and handling.  Most of us have paid that if not more for mascara.  But, I would guess that none of you have ever used anything like this.

Washes off like mascara with soap and water!  EASY! 300% Fuller!  WOWZA!


This is an example of how much length you get!  WOWZA!

I want every lady to have the same awesome experience i have with this "magic" mascara!  It is truly AMAZING!  

Here is a link to my site!

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