Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

Looking forward to another exciting year filled with new ideas.  

Sharing a few pics of two of my kiddos on Christmas.  I made my two youngest girls outfits for Christmas.

 Yo viv wearing her "peppermint" clip from the noggin collection.
Miss Paige wearing her yo viv "fluffy Santa hat" shirt on Christmas.

Vivian in her matching "fluffy Santa hat" outfit. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a ONE-derful Life! Happy Birthday Harlowe!

                             yo viv 
   birthday collection

Custom birthday attire available for your little birthday queen.  All colors and ideas available upon request.  

      yo viv birthday banner
Happy Birthday Harlowe!

Soon to be featured is Allison who celebrated her first birthday in her custom birthday ladybug wear!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney!

 Fabric birthday banner

Thank you for sharing pictures of your sweet Whitney.  She looks absolutely adorable.  The snowman cupcakes are a great idea for the wintry birthday month.  Happy 2nd Birthday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Christmas gift idea

 Personalized Photo Ornament

-card stock
-glue stick
-computer with pictures that are printable..printer :)
-grandparent in desperate need of personalized gift

1. Print star pattern off on cardstock (for you non-scrapbookers this is thick paper found at your local craft store or Walmart).   I like antique or off-white.

2. Cut the star pattern out.
3. Print off 3-4 pictures from your computer onto cardstock (go ahead, load up the printer with this stuff).  Print pictures at least 3x5.
4. Lay star pattern over the top of your pictures with the face in the center of the star.  Trace. Cut.
5. Use a ruler or something with a sturdy edge and make a crease in the middle of the star, folding it in toward the picture.  Do this with all of your stars.
6. Next begin gluing the stars together back to back so the corners match, making a larger star and 3-D.
7. Don't forget to add your ribbon for the perfect ornament.  

All sides are shown here as an example, and all of my kiddos :).  This project took me about 20min. with all supplies on hand.  I did have a little help from the hubby who cut out one star....AKA "Buddy the Elf".  Not really a crafty guy, and if he was I might be a little concerned.


Ladybugs and cupcakes for the noggin.

Little clips for the little lady.

Lady bug and cupcake clips
All colors available for cupcakes.

Thank you Miss Maddie for letting me barrow your sweet little face and hair for this picture.  The little towhead almost looks like one of mine! 

Let it snow!

The kids and I made these snowflakes about 5 years ago.  Every year we hang them and then pack them up in the Christmas ornaments so we can enjoy them the next year.  These are super easy and a fun activity for your little or big ones.  This year we decided to hang them in the kitchen (that was the vote anyway). 
  1. Cut plain white paper into even squares.
  2. Fold the paper several times and start cutting.
  3. After they are cut, grab a glue stick, goo it up and add iridescent pretties.  
  4. Tape a piece of string, fishing line or anything you have around the house (pretty sure I have a few hanging by Easter grass).  
  5. Hang...enjoy...take down...and repeat the next year!
                                 My kids look forward to hanging the snowflakes every year. 

Snow easy!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Birthday outfit for Eden who is turning 4 in Feb. 

 Sassy fun colors for a Florida birthday party.

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