Thursday, October 5, 2017

Herringbone Plywood Floor

Plywood Herringbone Floors

DIY- You can do it!

My temporary living room while I work on the living room floor.

I decided to do this flooring mostly based on my budget.  Walnut taste, plywood budget.  You get it.  I love the way herringbone looks.  The design is timeless and so is wood. I searched and searched for anyone who had done not only plywood, but he herringbone pattern.  I couldn't find one site.  So, here you go.  

Hindsite- as soon as I finished I said I would never do this again, kind of like childbirth.  But then you sit back and see just how beautiful that baby is.  I plan to remove nearly all the carpet in my house and this is a cheap alternative.  I have done a lot of research and these floors hold up well. I like to call this customized engineered flooring.  

Cost- What you all want to know

Most flooring runs around $3-7/square foot if not more.  So that means if I laid hardwood flooring myself it would have costed me around $450-1200 to do this room and that doesn't include nails.  I spent around $300 for this floor.  The wood alone was $149, however I bought way too much for this room.  I planned on 30% waste due to the pattern and way over bought.  I have enough to do at least half of my living room, so thats a bonus.  My time is where I probably spent the most money, or saved the most.  It took me about 2 weeks and this is with me working as a full time nurse practitioner. 

It all started here!  Thanks Saint Patrick (what my dad calls my husband). 
Lowe's cut down my boards into 8 inch pieces for .25c per cut and SO worth it!
The plywood was very reasonable. 

Next Step

Sand...sand and sand some more. 

2. Pre-condition - I used minwax
3. Stain- I used honey ( I also bought about every stain color out there)
4. Repeat
5. Cut boards into 3rds 

Driveway layout

 Obligatory before ugly carpet picture

I used this little orange square more than anything else during this project.
Must Have!

Work, work, work, work, work

Target removable wallpaper.
Inspiration leopard print chairs.  Garage sale $20/each

And my custom print!  Yep, painted it myself.  Cheap frames from Ikea!

Almost a year later. We have some doggie scratches, but only the surface.  I'm impressed how well they are holding up.  Trying to get the energy to move this project upstairs.


The DINING ROOM saga do most of my projects.  I have eyed this table for a while and dreamt of creating build ins so that I have well used space and storage.  Here is what I came up with.

.Current look.  
I add my favorite plastered brick (German schmear) Kept the black walls and added build ins.  The build ins are made of upper kitchen cabinets and the counter top is wood, several pieces nailed down and stained. 
Where did I find this stuff:
-light: Menards
-cabinets: Home Depot
-table and chairs:  Flexsteel
-mirrors and vases: home goods
-ferns:  hobby lobby  

Can you believe this is what it looked like when we oringaly moved in.  

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