Friday, October 23, 2020


 -coffee bar-

This might be my favorite project to date. The laundry move is allowing space behind the kitchen for a nice size pantry, the closet pantry had to go.  The doors were always open, kids pilfering through food they can't see, dried spaghetti always on the floor under my toes. You aren't going to believe this rehab.  

The area sits in the back of the kitchen, tiny bathroom to the right, closet pantry forward and old laundry room to the left. My initial plan was to bust out the wall to the left and open the entire space for a nice size pantry/coffee bar integration.  My 10 year old (Viv) called it, yep, a water line in the wall.  Plan B.  I left the wall and used the water line to put in a pot filler for the coffee maker.  I think St. Patrick thought this was a ridiculous idea at first, asking why we can't walk 20feet to get water, guess who loves it now.


  • planking from menards was the most expensive part of the project
  • quartz countertop was only $250.  I contacted a guy off local social media, I did have to drive to get it, but well worth the money saved. Oh and it was heavy AF.
  • faux brick paneling left over from my previous project
  • cabinets are wood, pre-made from Menards. the top cabinets are suppose to sit side by side, I like the stacked look better and get more space this way
  • wine rack, built in and custom that I made with left over wood
  • tile- marble from Lowes
  • fridge is not a countertop, much cheaper and I pulled a cabinet from another part of our kitchen where it use to sit
  • under counter lighting from Home Depot and wired to a switch
  • pot filler, ordered off AMAZON



The road to a better use of space...
It all starts with a vision.
literally drew this out on my iPhone with mark up

Trial for the pot filler and pex water line.


custom wine rack
I needed something to fit along side of the cabinets and this is what I came up with. 

Outside of the box, I was struggling on how to get the fridge to look like a build in.  I had purchased another cabinet and it fit perfect. My first vision did no have the beverage fridge in that area. 

One project leads to another...

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