Thursday, October 22, 2020

Laundry Room Relocation

Laundry Room Relocation

Our house was built in 1997 and was in no way designed by any person who does laundry.  No-one would choose to carry baskets of dirty and clean laundry up and down stairs and why this was even a trend is beyond me.  I have spent countless hours hauling laundry from the main floor behind the kitchen to the upstairs where the majority of our laundry lives.  I mean, I did appreciate the laundry shoot from my daughters bathroom, thanks builder.  

Our bedroom is stupid big, I do love it and it allowed me to add laundry to this area.  I spent about a three years plotting this move. I taped out dimensions of the washer and dryer on the floor in several areas trying the find the right spot without spending thousand of dollars on the move.   The most logical area was where I could get water, a drain and electricity down 2 more floors to the electrical box, so the laundry was moved to our bedroom, in our bedroom.  I figure that its my house and if someone, someday wants it moved back down to ridiculous land then they can do it.  


laundry behind kitchen and future pantry

Bedroom wall with water line, yes!
This to this....laundry room and desk area.

Free stencil, never gets old

This might actually be the original recipe stencil from all my other projects.

St. Patrick hard at work.

The "Brick" Wall

He really is a Saint.

Covered with dry wall mud, its cheap and looks great!

The cut outs are the hardest part.  I used liquid nail and then brad nails to secure it to the wall.  I am obsessed with this look and have already used the faux brick in another area.

So, now I have laundry upstairs!

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